Issues with HM Revenue and Customs (‘HMRC’)? – Tax investigations? VAT/excise/customs duty assessments? VAT/excise wrongdoing penalties? Joint and several liability assessments? WOWGR revoked? Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme (‘AWRS’) application refused? Do you need assistance with due diligence with regard to your supply chains in the light of HMRC’s ‘Fitted Test’ for excise alcohol traders? Have you had goods seized or detained by HMRC or the UK Border Force (‘UKBF’)?

HMRC tax enquiries and investigations can be stressful and time consuming. M&R Tax Advisers has a wealth of technical and specialist skills and extensive experience in dealing with HMRC. We can guide and represent you or your business through the investigation process quickly, efficiently and successfully. We specialise in issue resolution with HMRC. We can either handle the investigation for you directly or provide a specialist support service to your own accountant or other advisers, including your legal team. We are authorised by the Bar Council to instruct Barristers directly in proceedings in both the Tribunal’s Tax Chamber and the High Court without the need to first engage a Solicitor, thereby saving our clients additional costs.

Among other matters, we provide advice and representation in relation to:

* VAT civil or criminal investigations; assessments; VAT – wrongdoing penalties; VAT inaccuracy penalties; voluntary disclosures.

* Excise Duties – assessments; excise wrongdoing penalties; detained and seized goods; reviews and appeals; WOWGR and Registered Consignee registrations (including assistance with preparation of the business case required by HMRC) and revocations; excise warehouse and related applications; imposition of conditions upon approvals; duty drawback claims; premises and movement guarantees.

         *Provide due diligence and registration advice to those businesses now required to be registered under the HMRC Wholesalers of Alcohol Registration  Scheme (‘AWRS’), which became effective  from 1 January 2016.

* Customs Duties – assessments.

* Reviews and Appeals to HMRC Review Teams.

* Appeals to the First Tier Tax Tribunal against decisions made by HMRC.  We have a network of tax barristers who we appoint to conduct your appeal in the First Tier and Upper Tax Tribunals.

* Due diligence on your suppliers, customers and other business partners; preparation and implementation of anti-money laundering policies and procedures. We have advised companies such as The Carphone Warehouse and many leading alcohol distributors, excise bonded warehouses on their internal and commercial due diligence procedures, nationally and internationally.

* Money Laundering Regulations – civil penalties; registrations; enquiries.

* High Value Dealer Registrations.

For a private consultation about how we can resolve your tax dispute contact us at any time. Our initial telephone consultation will be undertaken without charge.