29/03/12: M&R Tax Advisers Obtain a Copy of the HMRC/UKBA Seizure and Restoration Policy

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Further to a Freedom of Information Act 2000 application, we have recently received from the UK Border Agency (“UKBA”) a copy of the HMRC/UKBA internal guidelines comprising their ‘Seizure and Restoration Policy – Alcohol and Tobacco Excise Offences’. We anticipate that this will assist our clients both in taking measures to ensure that they comply with HMRC/UKBA requirements, thereby avoiding HMRC/UKBA seizures of goods and vehicles; and also in condemnation proceedings and/or restoration requests where goods and vehicles have been seized by HMRC/UKBA.   


Please contact us if you consider that we can be of assistance to you in any issue arising with HMRC.