17/10/14: HMRC Admits to Widening Tax Gap

17th October 2014

Figures for 2012-13 released today have revealed that £34 billion owed to HMRC last year went unpaid through error, avoidance, evasion and criminality. This amount of unpaid tax equates to 6.8 % of all taxes owed as the tax gap has widened and now costs more than before 2010. Unpaid taxes include £2.9 billion in […]

10/10/14: Developments in HMRC’s Approach to UK-Based Trading in Duty Suspended Alcohol in Other EU Member States

10th October 2014

HMRC are currently challenging UK-based traders in duty suspended alcohol within and between excise bonded warehouses in other Member States, particularly in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. HMRC assert that such businesses are required by law to be registered for VAT, to submit appropriate VAT returns and to comply with the tax regulations in […]

01/10/14: HMRC Announce a Consultation Exercise on Anti-Money Laundering Fees it Charges under MLR 2007

1st October 2014

On 30/09/14, HMRC announced a consultation exercise on the way they charge fees to businesses which they supervise under the Money Laundering Regulations 2007. The current fee structure charges a registration and annual renewal fee of £110 per premises and a £50 ‘fit and proper persons’ test fee for any person exercising effective control over […]

29/09/14: HMRC New Due Diligence Measures Announced with effect from 01/11/14

30th September 2014

On 29/09/14, HMRC published upon their website a guidance note concerning ‘due diligence tackling alcohol fraud’. In relation to all businesses registered by HMRC under the Alcoholic Liquor Duties Act, ‘it will be a condition of trading that businesses undertake reasonable appropriate checks on their customers, suppliers and supply chains and have robust procedures to […]

15/08/14: Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme

25th August 2014

HMRC have announced upon their website a brief note about the Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme and the requirement that all alcohol wholesalers “will need to demonstrate they are ‘fit and proper’ and have their supply chains tested to make sure they are legitimate before being approved to operate in the sector, and entered onto the […]

11/06/14: M&R Tax Advisers Achieve Re-instatement of WOWGR

11th June 2014

HMRC had revoked their approval to allow our client to trade under the Warehousekeepers & Owners of Warehoused Goods Regulations 1999 (‘WOWGR’) on the ground that the client had incurred a financial penalty with regard to another matter and was therefore deemed ‘not a fit and proper person’. We put forward a strong case to […]

22/05/14: M&R Tax Advisers Secure Withdrawal of HMRC Decision Regarding Reverse Charge in Mobile Telephone Trading

22nd May 2014

As advised in a recent news article, M&R Tax Advisers currently represent numerous wholesale traders who deal in Apple iPhones and other top of the range mobile phones. In a matter appealed to the Tax Tribunal, HMRC alleged that our client had deliberately failed to apply the reverse charge mechanism to purchases of mobile phones […]

15/04/14: M&R Tax Advisers Achieve Cancellation of HMRC Inaccuracy Penalty

15th April 2014

M&R Tax Advisers currently represent numerous wholesale traders who deal in Apple iPhones and other top of the range mobile telephones, buying in small but regular quantities from retail outlets and selling wholesale to customers either in the UK or overseas. One such client had been charged an inaccuracy penalty of over £5,000 by HMRC […]

15/04/14: M&R Tax Advisers Secure Restoration of Seized Trailer

15th April 2014

UK Border Force (“UKBF”) had seized a trailer from our client, an overseas haulage business, on the ground that there had been an alleged previous use of the unique ‘ARC’ number which accompanied the excise goods (a consignment of beer, cider and wine) in the movement which resulted in the seizure. UKBF therefore believed that […]

06/01/14: M&R Tax Advisers win Landmark Decision with Seizure Appeal in the Tax Tribunal

9th January 2014

Following the Court of Appeal decision in the case of HMRC v Jones as reported in July 2011, many tax practitioners will have considered that they only had very limited prospects of success in the Tax Tribunal in challenging a decision made by HMRC to refuse restoration of seized goods to a client. The Court […]